EB Sources Evaporation Components     

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Gun Rebuilding

         Are you tired of fighting your egun when it comes to servicing? Let EB Sources do that for you. We will clean, leak check,  regauss, and tank test your source. That includes all new O rings, new screws, Emitter rebuilt with new screws, ceramics and a new filament. Parts extra.

Magnet Gaussing

          Do you need to have your source regaussed? Tired of shunting your  egun to be able  to run at 6,7 or 8 Kv?  We can take care of that for you.

 Something special

          Do you need something special, a damaged part that you can't find? Something  you need to have made? This is the place to go. We have welding, machining, brazing ,and sheet metal capabilities.

Custom designing

          We at EB Sources take pride in our design capabilties, from Eguns to feedthrus, baseplates and custom waterlines